In order to strengthen its market position in 2011, the company decided to start production under its own trade mark and provide packing services.
With some time, the range of own trade mark was greatly expanded: in addition to a variety of cereals today it includes oil, tea, canned, vinegar, sweetened condensed milk, soups, pudding, water, seasonings etc.

Owing to the careful control of the manufacturing process and high quality of raw materials and the ingredients of our partners we can guarantee a high level of quality, unique taste and affordable price for our products.

Your advantages with our products:

  1. High level of quality which is equivalent to the product-market leaders
  2. The most beneficial prices
  3. Carefully selected and the most demanded range of products
  4. Attractive and convenient packaging
  5. Customers’ loyalty, which is quality-oriented

The production of own trade mark – is the best alternative offer to product-market leaders with the appropriate level of quality and a reasonable price. This enables consumers to wisely spend their budget, and distributors – to raise their own revenue