Допомагаємо Українській Армії

Ми об’єднуємо зусилля, синхронізуємось та боронимо свої цінності.
З початком війни Українське суспільство консолідувалося, як ніколи раніше.
Кожен зараз допомагає та докладає максимум зусиль для перемоги.
Ми продовжуємо працювати для підтримки Збройних Сил України та Держави в цілому.

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What is the holiday without chocolate?

Ukraine has a special love for chocolate: we can eat it, drink it, give it as a present, we are proud of it, we enjoy and admire it, fantasize with it, we visit our friends and relatives taking chocolate with us, we make declarations of love with it, we even make serious life decisions with it, various figures can be made of it. We can not imagine a holiday without a chocolate!

Our company sincerely shares the "chocolate tastes" of our nation and also seeks to contribute to the transformation of Your life into the sweet fairy tale! True chocolate invigorates, fascinates and gives enthusiastic mood for...

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Social activity of ‘Nika Zahid LTD’

Social activity of ‘Nika Zahid LTD’ is a significant component of the value system that allows the company to actively respond to challenges and demonstrate its position concerning the problems and needs of society, carrying out charitable activity.

The company is actively involved in providing charitable assistance to orphanages, fundraising in sponsorship programs that are important for the development of society.

Again and again the company take part in patronage by providing charitable assistance to Saint Onufriivsky Monastery for men. Faith is the only that always supported our nation in difficult times of its history, and our monk prays "for everyone and for everything," and this work is...

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Healthy food – it’s so easy with Us

One of our main criteria of management business is continuing work on expanding the range of our production to meet the growing needs of Ukrainian consumers in healthy, high-quality and relatively cheap products. Wide range of products (from quick cooking oat cereal to muesli bars) will satisfy the most demanding tastes and also provide everybody with nutrient and energy fruits, oats and other cereals. We are trying to show to our customers that you can eat right and healthy and delicious food at the same time! And the products that we offer combine the qualities of useful and tasteful flavour with a sense of children's feeling and...
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