Sustainable development foresees the satisfaction of the daily needs for the present time with taking into the account the needs of future generations. That’s why the company ‘Nika Zahid’ is actively developing its national distribution. The owners of the company took a decision to establish this direction to meet the growing needs of the Ukrainian market in high-quality products, both from chemical and food group.

Establishing principles of the National Distribution of Nika Zahid LTD

The activity of the company is focused on creating a reliable system of working directly on the national market and dynamic partnerships with suppliers, networks and distributors.

It is very important for us to deliver a quality product to every citizen of Ukraine. We cover the whole territory of Ukraine, we have our partners in every part and district in Ukraine – these are distributors who under the control of our regional and local managers keep to the territorial pricing policy of the manufacturers.

Taking into account the fact that the part of hypermarkets and supermarkets is rapidly growing in recent years, we also focus our efforts on this format and we can surely affirm that we are one of the leaders at present time. We are always ready to expand cooperation with any network.

For even more fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation we offer the following to the objects of a modern retail channel:

• delicious, healthy, wholesome foods and high-quality household chemical and hygiene goods of popular foreign manufacturers
• rapid processing of client’s orders
• timely delivery to the customer’s warehouses
• 100% coverage of logistics in Ukraine.
• innovative approaches in promoting brands and powerful set of marketing activities
• stable performance of our obligations to the partner and adherence to ethical principles, which are as important as economic one

We know in detail the features of the retail networks in Ukraine and attentively monitor every changes in this channel, this is why we are able to quickly provide those producers who decide to enter the Ukrainian market with:

• wide distribution
• the progress in the field of sales
• target merchandising
• media promotion

The main principles of successful operation of the National Distribution are:

  1. Direct shipment to the national network, which allows us to flexibly implement the marketing policy of the manufacturers and effectively promote the product in this channel of sales market.
  2. High professional level of National distribution team: our organizational structure, which is based on the customer’s values and focus, led to the selection of people who are professional, flexible and react quickly to market trends and the needs of our customers
  3. We work with every network according to the direct contract, which allows us to directly control the whole chain of the production supply: ranging from shipping products from our warehouse to unpacking products on the shelves of modern retail objects according to established standards of unpacking

The workes of the subdivision

National Distribution Team is a team of initiative, creative and young professionals who ensure the success of our company and in particular the system of national distribution.

Production and vendors

We offer our customers healthy food and high-quality household chemical goods and hygiene products. It is worth noting that at the moment Nika Zahid Ltd is distributing in Ukraine both the products of foreign manufacture and domestic production.