The company “Nika Zahid”

about usWho we are and what we do

The company “Nika Zahid” was founded in 2001 and in the process of diversification of its activities has turned into one of the FMCG market leaders in Ukraine. In addition, the company is engaged in importing high quality and popular products of foreign manufacturers and also we offer services of customs clearance as import – export for any goods and company has its own production.

Principles of Business

In the current context of globalization, market trends are quickly and dynamically changing, expectations of the consumers about the diversity of products are becoming more demanding, the level of customer’s demands to the level of customer’s service is incresing. In these conditions, it is very important for every company to know how to respond to the challenges of both internal and external environment. To achieve sustainable development in this rapidly changing business environment, “Nika Zahid LTD” is continuously adjusting its business approach, taking into consideration the situation of the environment and the internal factors of the company.

The main criteria for effective business management of the company are:

– Making the best efforts to develop the uniqueness of each brand and its promotion
– Minimizing costs to improve business efficiency and optimizing pricing for products which we import and distribute
– Effective cash management and substantial business analysis
– Continuing work on expanding our product range in order to improve our business efficiency and attractiveness of our distributive portfolio.

Corporate vision, mission, values

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    Our mission

    We want to build long-lasting and fruitful relationships with our partners, adequately reward our shareholders and increase the level of satisfaction of our employees that will improve the welfare of the country in which we operate

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    Our vision

    We want to achieve a leadership position in the market FMCG (food, household chemicals, sweets) by increasing the skill and professionalism, service for customers and consumers, expanding the range of products for our partners.

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    Our values

    – Fair business making and keeping our word
    – We set goals and achieve results
    – We are winning team
    – We create all the conditions for our employees to maximize their potential revealment
    – We are responsible before the public and tolerant to all

The main factors of the success of our company are:

– Continued development of our commercial capabilities and skills to ensure accessibility of our product range in the market, which, moreover, constantly is expanding
– Focus on long-term cooperation with partners through building the effective systems of sales
– Involvement of powerful domestic and foreign investors
– Employees are the basic value of “Nika Zahid Ltd”, and the success of our business depends directly on the professionalism of each employee and their dedication to the business. We are continually investing in the development of our staff
– Optimization and improvement of the import operations’ methodology