National distribution

Coverage of the whole territory of Ukraine

direct shipment to the national network and the high level of the professionalism of sales department


Considerable experience in the introduction

and promotion of the production of various types into Ukrainian market

Regional Distribution

We offer effective solutions

in the distribution of food, household cleaning and hygiene products, animal feed and sweets


High quality for the most favorable price

We guarantee a high level of quality, unique taste and affordable price for our products


Dear visitor, ‘Nika Zahid Ltd’ sincerely welcomes You

We are one of the largest distributors of food, household cleaning, hygiene products and animal feed in Ukraine!
We have been over 12 years in the Ukrainian market and during this period we were able to go the hard way from a regional distributor to the market player of the national level!


” Nothing is easier than being busy and nothing more difficult than being effective “

Alan Mckenzie,

” Choose your customers, choose your future. “

Seth Godin,

” A company will get nowhere if all of the thinking is left to management. “

Akio Morita,

” Great things are to be done, without pondering endlessly. “

Julius Caesar,

” Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. “

The slogan of American managers,

” Your well-being depends on your own decisions .”

David Rockefeller,

” The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.”

Aristotelis Onassis,

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    З початком війни Українське суспільство консолідувалося, як ніколи раніше.

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